Request for Help

PLEASE READ: To be considered for HELP with your PUG, there are two qualifications ...
1) Must be life or death (critical) emergency with no financial resources available.
2) Owner must have explored every financial option available:
a. Must have applied for care credit and either provide a denial letter or show proof that available credit has been used.
b. Must participate in helping to raise funds through friends, family, GoFundMe, or the equivalent.
Due to our limited funding, we can only help on critical emergencies. As much as we would love to help every Pug and Pug owner, we must restrict who we help in order to assist those with critical issue.
Following is a listing of veterinary issues that we cannot provide assistance for:
Dentals, MRI's or CT scans, Any maintenance medications, Follow up procedures, Outstanding Veterinary bills
This list is not all inclusive and every request will be reviewed by the Pugs for Pinky administrative board prior to authorization of assistance.

To request help please fill out form below.  A Pugs for Pinky Admin will be in contact with you as soon as possible.  It is important you fill out the form as accurately as possible.  Please give us as the best description and information on what medical condition and treatment your pug needs.