Pugs for Pinky

A foundation to help sick pugs and their Families.


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Helping Pug Families

Pugs for Pinky is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, founded by Lisa Kerner in 2012.

MISSION STATEMENT:  No pug will be euthanized because the owner can’t afford medical treatment. We help provide medical treatment for pugs who need emergency care.

Pinky’s Story

Pinky was born on July 22, 2005 to her pug mom Rose and her pug dad Herbie. She was the first born from a litter of four. She was a big sister to her two brothers Porky & Rio and her sister Ruby. In December of 2009 at the age of 4, Pinky started having seizures. At first the vets thought she had epilepsy, but on April 27, 2010 she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

My life quickly became Pinky’s world. She was with me 24/7. With me being a pet sitter, she was able to come to work with me everyday. She wore a little pink helmet to protect her head. I would dress Pinky in her pretty pink dress and pack her little snacks, on days that it was too hot, I would drop her off at my vets for the day. At home, she slept beside our bed in a soft padded pink playpen and wore pink bells to alert us of seizures. she had her own pink alarm clock set for 7 AM & 7 PM, she’d come running to me every time the alarm went off knowing it was pill time, (with a treat of course).

Pinky was such a strong ‘lil pug with the will power to fight. We did everything we possibly could to help her, but in the end the tumor won the battle. On july 25, 2010 Pinky crossed rainbow bridge.

Pinky’s Mom, Lisa

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